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FREDERICK, Maryland— One of the largest agricultural solar arrays in Frederick County has been installed at Eddie Mercer Agri-Services. The ground-mount solar system consists of 720 solar panels and is expected to produce 272,242 kWh (Killowatt-Hours) of electricity in a year. The electricity produced by the 216 kW (Killowatt) solar system will help offset the significant cost associated with operating the grain dryers at Eddie Mercer Agri-Services.

The solar system, installed by Paradise Energy Solutions, is the first of three large agricultural solar projects that Paradise will install in the coming year in Frederick County. Farmers and business-owners alike, are finding that solar is a financially viable and beneficial investment. Additionally, a grant by the USDA can fund up to 25% of the solar installation cost

A solar open house will be held on July 25 from 10 AM to 2 PM at Eddie Mercer Agri-Services, 6900 Linganore Road in Frederick, to celebrate the installation of the solar system. Paradise Energy Solutions will host the celebration and will provide a free grilled lunch, as well solar presentations and Q&A times throughout the celebration.

For more information about the solar open house or to set up a free solar assessment, call 877-851-9269


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