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Originally Posted on The Star Democrat

FEDERALSBURG — The Federalsburg Volunteer Fire Company, Paradise Energy Solutions and Solar Lane recently threw the switch and turned on a new 85-kilowatt solar electric generating facility in Federalsburg. A ceremony was held during the holiday season and a decorative Santa was lit when the switch was thrown.

Output and operation of the solar generating facility will be continually monitored and performance reported through the Internet. Now that the switch is on, the sun is supplying all of the electricity for the Federalsburg Volunteer Fire Company, according to a news release from Solar Lane. The site is served by Delmarva Power.

Solar Lane contracted with Paradise Energy Solutions of Salisbury to build and maintain the solar generating facility. Electrical output of the solar generating facility is estimated to be 110,000 kilowatt hours per year and is comprised of 285 solar panels, each of which produces 300 watts of electricity in full sunlight, according to a news release from Solar Lane.

Solar Lane was founded to build and invest in solar electric facilities for businesses and nonprofits on the Eastern Shore. The lights-on event provided a show and tell for all of the attendees to see the benefits of solar electricity for themselves.

“We started Solar Lane this year in Easton, Md., to invest in the Eastern Shore — creating jobs and improving our local economy by lowering electric costs,” Scott Kane, president of Solar Lane, who has more than 40 years of solar and energy experience, said in the release. “The solar generating facilities we build provide businesses and nonprofits in Maryland with lower-cost electricity at a guaranteed low monthly payment — providing them significant costs savings. An additional benefit is that Delmarva Power is now allowed to interconnect with us and use the excess solar energy we produce on sunny days to supply solar-generated electricity to their customers. This is a win-win-win for everyone involved.”

Jason Beiler, manager of Paradise Energy Solutions, spoke and described how the solar panels produce electricity for the fire company and he provided a live demonstration of the real-time monitoring and reporting from the system through the Internet showing the exact amount of electricity the solar facility produces for the Federalsburg Volunteer Fire Company.

“We were trying to find different ways to save energy. Solar Lane and Paradise Energy have the expertise and experience to install a system that was affordable for us,” David Morean, project manager for the fire company, said in the release. “The installation is going very smoothly and we expect to save over $250,000 over the next 25 years with our energy savings. With this savings we can buy a needed new fire truck.”


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