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SALISBURY, Maryland – A ground-breaking ceremony for the first local standalone non-profit Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) solar installation will take place at Lower Shore Enterprises on Tuesday, May 27, at 11:30 AM. Lower Shore Enterprises is excited to partner with Sunstream Energy and Paradise Energy Solutions to substantially reduce and stabilize their energy costs through the installation of the 91.2 kW solar system.

The 304 panel solar system will produce an estimated 122,328 kWh of electricity per year, providing 97% of the expected electrical usage for Lower Shore Enterprises. The solar system will also provide significant environmental benefits including either 200.3 barrels of oil offset, 95.1 tons of carbon offset, or 2,214 trees offset.

Lower Shore Enterprises, a non-profit company, was looking for ways to save money and a PPA solar installation provided a long-term solution to energy costs without any out-of-pocket cost. Lower Shore Enterprises will buy electricity from Sunstream Energy LLC. at a reduced, set rate for 20 years and in turn, Sunstream Energy LLC. will lease land from Lower Shore Enterprises, own, and maintain the solar system. The cost savings will significantly help Lower Shore Enterprises in being able to accomplish their vision of creating employment partnership opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Paradise Energy Solutions, a sister company to Sunstream Energy LLC., will construct the solar system and expects to have the solar system producing electricity by mid-summer.

Lower Shore Enterprises is located at 28475 Owens Branch Road, Salisbury, MD 21801


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