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SALISBURY, Maryland – After two and a half months, Lower Shore Enterprises will “flip the switch” and energize their new 91.2 kW (kilowatt) solar system, built by Paradise Energy Solutions. The “flip the switch” event will take place on August 22 from 11AM-1PM, with the official comments and flipping the switch occurring at 12 noon. The public is welcome to attend the event, and a free lunch will be served.

The solar system, constructed out of over 300 solar panels, will produce an estimated 122,328 kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity per year, providing 97% of the expected electrical usage for Lower Shore Enterprises. The system will also provide significant environmental benefits, reducing carbon emissions from electric generation by about 95 tons, or the equivalent of removing 22 cars from the road.

Having a stable electric rate for the next two decades will significantly help Lower Shore Enterprises use its resources to better serve its clients.

Lower Shore Enterprises is located at 28475 Owens Branch Road, Salisbury, MD 21801


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