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Gap, PA – (March 14, 2013) With the late January refunding of the PA Sunshine Grant by the Commonwealth, the cost of Solar in Pennsylvania has decreased significantly. While the fund received an influx of $7.25 Million, the grant is still on a first-come, first-served basis and not guaranteed.

Until now.

Local solar installer Paradise Energy Solutions, headquartered in Gap with six branches serving nine states in the Northeastern United States, is providing a 50% guarantee to customers that sign up through the end of March. This means if a Pennsylvania customer receives a quote from Paradise Energy that includes the PA Sunshine Grant and the customer does not receive the rebate, the installer will pay half the anticipated rebate.

Customers eligible for the rebate can receive up to $7,500 for a residential system up to 10 kw while a maximum of $52,500 is available for commercial systems up to 100 kW. Solar thermal, or solar hot water, are also available.

Tim Beiler, CEO of Paradise Energy Solutions and one of four brothers that started the firm in 2009, says that with decreased solar panel prices in combination with a 30% Federal Tax incentive, the recently extended 50% Bonus Depreciation and other rebates, now is the time to go solar.

“With the approach the sunniest months of the year, and with the guarantee of the Sunshine Grant from Paradise Energy, now is the time to take the opportunity,” says Beiler. “Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to secure decades of producing your own power!”

The PA Sunshine Rebate has been very helpful in the movement to help the Commonwealth reach the 8% of energy produced each year from renewable energy by 2021 according to the Renewable Portfolio Standard passed in 2004.

“Alternative energy will be a key to Pennsylvania and the nation’s ability to grow its economy by harnessing the power of new technology to create jobs,” said John Hanger, the former Secretary for the Commonwealth’s Environmental Protection Agency, in 2011. “PA Sunshine has been instrumental in generating interest in green energy deployment and is a driving force in helping to turn that interest into reality.”

Since 2009, Paradise Energy Solutions has installed more than 3.5 mW of Solar PV in Pennsylvania.

“We have been thrilled with our opportunity to assist Pennsylvania homeowners and businesses by partnering with them to control and limit their costs to live and to operate their businesses. Call us to day to find out how this investment opportunity could work for you!”


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