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Clinton, NY – (September 9, 2013) Increasing energy costs, be they from electricity, propane or coal, can greatly affect a business’s bottom line. With electricity rates steadily increasing annually, it has become critical to a company’s future to do what it can to offset those overhead costs. For companies like Legacy Fiberoptics in Clinton, the answer is Solar.

“We have made a personal and company-wide commitment to be more eco-friendly and Solar is a great way to do that,” says Ken Stewart, president of Legacy Fiberoptics, a local company specializing in the Fiber Optics industry.

Stewart elected to install solar panels because it was one of the most cost effective renewable energy options, and because available state and federal incentives helped to reduce the initial costs of a PV power system by about 60 percent.

After consulting with several local installers, Legacy decided to contract Paradise Energy Solutions of Himrod to install the company’s 31 kW Ground Mount Solar system.

“They were top-notch,” said Stewart, who signed with Paradise Energy Solutions because of their clear explanations and commitment to providing a quality, no hassle installation.

“We felt very comfortable with Sam [Stoltzfus] and Jared [Stoltzfus], the salespeople from Paradise. They explained things very well and what I really liked was their professionalism and the fact that they handled all the details. All I really did was sign on the dotted line!”

The 31 kW Ground Mount on Legacy’s property is guaranteed to generate a minimum of 35,000 kWh and thanks to Federal and State tax incentives, Bonus depreciation and state grants like NYSERDA, the system will pay for itself in just under 6 ½ years while providing a significant return on investment. In addition, Legacy locks in their energy rate at $0.02 kWh.

“I am excited to be able to say that our business is powered with renewable, alternative energy,” says Stewart.

Sam Stoltzfus, a solar expert for Paradise Energy Solutions, met Ken Stewart at the Empire Farm Show and has been helping companies like Legacy and others all over the Finger Lakes and Western New York area for several years.

“Solar allows a business to increase their bottom line by utilizing the roof and land around their building to quietly generate all or part of their electricity demand while they continue to do what they do best inside their building,” said Stoltzfus.

Kent Lapp, owner of WoodTex Products in Himrod, another happy customer, has had Paradise Energy Solutions install two systems in the past year, a 129.84 kW Roof Mount on his business and a 6 kW Roof Mount on his home.

“Installing Solar has been a great investment for our business,” says Lapp. “With the Federal tax incentives and the NYSERDA grant, the decision to “Go Solar” was an easy one.  And working with Paradise Energy Solutions has been a great, continued relationship. They walked me through the process, didn’t overeducate and really made it an easy process. I’ve since added a system to my home which has also been a great investment!”

For those businesses looking to secure a bright and sustainable future for their company, Solar is a great option. And Paradise Energy Solutions is committed to helping businesses realize that future.

About Legacy Fiberoptics

Legacy Fiberoptics located in Clinton manufactures and repairs Fiber Optic Test & Measurement equipment used in the Telecommunications Industry. They have a global customer base and continue to grow with the industry.

About Paradise Energy Solutions

Paradise Energy Solutions, headquartered in Gap, PA is a growing solar installation business operated by 4 entrepreneurial brothers. Matt, Marcus, Tim, and Jason Beiler opened Paradise Energy Solutions on January 1, 2009, and today the company has branches in 6 different states – Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Illinois.


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