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Pictured is Melinda Golden in front of her second solar system.

Hancock, MD – Hancock Farmer goes solar, twice! Melinda Golden, the owner of Golden Farms, recently energized her second solar system both installed by Paradise Energy Solutions. System number two is a 11.39 kW roof mount system that combines with her first 10.89 kW roof mount system to supply power to her farm and sawmill.

Going solar for Ms. Golden was bigger than just offsetting her electric costs. “It’s the best thing for the environment,” she said when asked why she invested in solar,  “the continued use of fossil fuels is problematic.” Her two systems will go a long way to making an immediate difference on the environment. The two systems combined will offset 19.6 tons of CO2, 457 trees, and 41.5 barrels of oil each year. Both systems will have a lifespan of at least 30 years.

The process of going solar can seem daunting, but working with Paradise Energy Solutions helped make it simple. “It was a very easy process from start to finish”, said Ms. Golden when asked about what the process of going solar looked like for her. “Everything was handled by Paradise Energy Solutions. All I did was sign papers.”  

Ms. Golden is excited about her solar investments and would like to encourage other business owners to consider solar. “It might be important to consider as a business decision”, said Ms. Golden.  “Put a pencil to it” and see if the numbers make sense.

About Paradise Energy Solutions – Paradise Energy Solutions is a family-owned, full service solar installation company that provides turnkey grid-tied solar installations throughout the mid-Atlantic region for businesses, farmers and homeowners. Their vision is to help people be good stewards of God’s abundant resources.



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