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FEDERALSBURG — The Federalsburg Volunteer Fire Company’s firehouse will be powered by the sun in just a few short weeks.
The fire company has contracted with Solar Lane, of Easton, to purchase all the energy needed to run the firehouse, which will be generated by a solar panel array, being installed by Paradise Energy Solutions of Salisbury.
A groundbreaking was held Tuesday, Oct. 28, behind the firehouse. The solar panels are expected to be up and running by Nov. 20.
“This is a very good day for the Federalsburg Volunteer Fire Company,” said David Morean, both a member of the fire company and a Federalsburg councilmember. “We’ve been working on this for two years, and it’s finally coming together.”
The solar array is owned by Solar Lane, which paid all of installation costs. The fire company signed a 25-year contract to purchase the power generated by it from Solar Lane, rather than paying more for electricity from Delmarva Power, its current provider.
Scott Kane, president of Solar Lane, said the array will produce more energy than needed; the fire company can sell the excess to Delmarva, further increasing the energy savings the fire company will be able to spend on other costs, like equipment.
Federalsburg Fire Chief Mike Robinson praised Morean’s commitment to the solar power project.
“He did an outstanding job on the task he was given,” Robinson said.
Town Manager Richard Colburn agreed.
“The first answer was ‘no,’ but he never gave up,” Colburn said.
“This is a very positive thing,” said Caroline County Commissioner Wilbur Levengood. “Hopefully, it’s the way of the future.”
Morean said the solar array is the second energy-saving project at the firehouse. Recently, all of the lights were replaced with LED lights.

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