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A 50kw system would save $6,600/year and pay for itself in 6.9 years – a 14.6% ROI

How We Make Switching To Solar Easy For You

Free Site Assessment

It's important to determine together what type of solar panel set up is right for your budget, your power usage, and your location. Our installation expert will take you through a checklist so we can create a customized plan just for you, for free.

10-Year Performance Guarantee

If your new system's output doesn't meet our minimum output projections, we will refund the difference based on current energy prices.

No Change To Your Current System

Our grid-connected solar panels integrate into your current electrical system seamlessly. In most cases, extensive or expensive modifications are not needed. Panels can be placed on one roof (or multiple) or the ground.

We'll Do the Paperwork

Not sure if you qualify for certain tax breaks? Don't worry. Our experienced staff will identify federal and state grants and tax credits that you qualify for. And we'll complete and submit the forms on your behalf.

$6.7 million+
Grant funds acquired for our customers

Flexible solar array mounting options: rooftop, ground, or carport.

BBB rating and 0 complaints filed

Years we guarantee our workmanship. Covers all parts and labor.

“Paradise Energy Solutions provides an excellent product and service. They do outstanding work. I really can’t say how much I appreciated them doing all the paperwork and grant work. This is such a phenomenal part of their service and it went much smoother than we could have imagined. We would highly recommend Paradise Energy Solutions to anyone desiring to go solar.”
– Scott Hackenberger, Hackenberger Family Farm
“At Animal Medical & Surgical Center, we like to stay ahead of the times. Solar is exciting because it allows us to use the sun’s rays to power our business and do our part for the environment. We had been considering switching to solar for a while but never made the commitment. With Paradise Energy Solutions, they made making the change easy.”
– Animal Medical & Surgical Center
"We haven't gotten an electric bill from the power company since we turned on the panels. We have chicken houses and grain tanks, and the bill was a couple thousand dollars a month before. But since turning on the panels, we haven't gotten another bill. So it's been pretty nice since then!"
– John Taylor, Ocean Breeze Alpaca Farm

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Serving Areas of New York,
Maryland, and Virginia

Company Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2009
  • 885 installations completed
  • 30.82 MW of free solar energy generated
  • 88,916 panels installed
Data as of June 2017

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