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California is known for its high cost of living and HIGH electric rates! Also, because of having a more temperate climate, California is a great place for solar, and they have taken full advantage. Why install solar on the East Coast?


Many East Coast states have implemented incentives in order to help reduce the cost of solar so that consumers can afford to buy solar. You can see what state incentives you may have available by clicking on the following link and selecting the state you are interested in: click here! Federal incentives and depreciation for businesses are also available, which helps to further reduce the cost of solar.


Electric, gas, and oil rates have also been slowly rising over the past few years and have just recently spiked in many areas of the East Coast because of the cold winter. This is only the beginning of a turbulent time in energy prices. The cost stability of solar over the next 25+ years is an attractive solution to high energy costs, and let's face it, solar is a lot more sustainable.


The East Coast is great for installing solar and the "solar trend" will continue for many years to come!