Why Solar? Why Now?

July 18, 2015

“I think I will wait until solar prices come down, and the energy is cost competitive, before I buy.”

If this is you, your day has come!

Solar panel prices have decreased by 70% in the past 5 years!

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Do you like security and knowing that your energy costs are fixed for decades to come? What if you didn’t have to worry about weather events and fuel shortages that cause outrageous cost increases for your energy, because your fuel is free? When you choose to install solar, you have lower costs than what the utility charges you for the same electricity! In addition, your solar array benefits the grid by producing power during peak load times, improving grid stability. With a lower cost of electricity, more control in your hands, and decreased carbon emissions, a solar array provides long term security for you and those around you. To summarize, why rent the dirty utility generators every day (that’s really what you are doing) when you can own an emission-free generator for a lower cost? Did I mention that you don’t have to pay for the sunshine?

Last year, my wife and I decided to take control of our home energy costs by installing a rooftop solar array on our house. In addition to producing all our energy for the year, we will actually have excess energy that the utility will buy from us, providing us with additional income. We love to watch the meter spin backward, and enjoy seeing those electric bills that show we have produced more power than we used!


But what about you? Is now the time for you to buy?

You will have to decide for yourself, but here is some food for thought. With 100% financing options for a solar array on your home or business, you can own the solar array on day 1, while decreasing your monthly costs for energy. To reiterate, you can decrease your monthly energy costs today, and put a “stop date” on your energy payments, without any investment! Energy costs have also been consistently rising in the Northeastern US at rates ranging from just over a 1% increase to around 5% increase annually. You can install solar today, and experience decades of savings as the electric rates from the power companies inflate!

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Oh, and did you enjoy paying your taxes this week? We didn’t! Take a break from writing checks to Uncle Sam with the 30% tax credit you receive when you install a solar array. That’s right, you get a federal tax credit in the amount of 30% of what you invested in a solar array! Don’t be overcome by your utility company, but take control yourself! Give us a call to talk to one of our solar consultants, visit our website, and learn if and when solar is right for you.

Tim Beiler

Andy Schell

Andy is the Marketing Manager at Paradise Energy Solutions, working from our corporate headquarters in Paradise, PA.

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