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Top Solar Panel Installers in Eastern New York and the Capital Region

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top solar installers in eastern new york


top solar installers in eastern new york


At Paradise Energy, we want to help the people of New York make the best decision when it comes to going solar. Whether it’s installing a system or not installing a system, with us or with one of our competitors, we want to make sure you invest your hard-earned money the way that’s best for you.


That’s why we’ve created this list of six solar installers that work in Eastern and Northeastern New York, from the Captial-Saratoga region to the Adirondacks and Catskills.


Purchasing a solar system is a big decision - and finding a solar installer that’s right for you and your needs is half the battle. Not only will they be working on your home or business, but they can affect everything from how the system looks to how much electricity it produces and the return on your investment.


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Top Solar Installers in Eastern New York

Note: The list of installers is arranged alphabetically. The list is in no particular order of preference or performance.


Albany Solar Solutions

About:  Albany Solar is a family-owned solar contractor based in New York’s Capital District

Services: Grid-tied and off-grid solar systems, battery backup, air-sourced heat pumps, and solar maintenance

Based in: Troy, NY


Apex Solar

About: Apex Solar got its start in upstate New York and has since expanded into seven states.

Services: Solar, battery backup, and EV charging installations, as well as solar maintenance and roofing services

Based in: Queensbury, NY


Kassleman Solar

About: This company is an offshoot of a decades-old electrical company operating out of Albany, Kassleman Electric.

Services: Residential, business, and public-sector solar installations and solar storage solutions

Based in: Albany, NY


Paradise Energy Solutions

About: Paradise Energy designs and installs solar systems across New York state.

Services: Installation of grid-tied solar for commercial, agricultural, and residential systems

Based in: Geneva, NY


Seed Solar:

About: Seed Solar is a locally owned PV installation company that also works in overall building efficiency.  

Services: PV solar, energy storage, and solar hot water services in addition to building efficiency improvements including hot water and HVAC

Based in: Troy, NY


SunPower by New York State Solar Farm (NYSSF)

About: NYSSF is locally owned with most of their projects in the Hudson Valley.

Services: Installs residential and commercial solar systems, as well as maintenance services

Based in: Glen Falls and Modena, NY


Like all big purchases, it’s important to get quotes from a few different companies. Reach out to some of these companies (and even us, too!) to get your quotes.


After that, use our guide for understanding solar quotes to help you make the best choice.


Looking for more information on going solar? Check out some of these resources:  


Would you like to find out what it’s like to work with Paradise Energy? Our team of solar professionals in Geneva, NY are ready to answer any questions you have relating to solar, tell you about our unmatched production guarantees, and help guide you through the solar process. Let’s schedule a time for us to talk solar!


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