Solar Power in Germany

August 5, 2015

Did you ever think that the sun doesn’t shine enough in your area to make a solar investment feasible? I have been thinking about Germany and how the country had all of 50% of it’s power coming from Solar around midday on Saturday last week. What a huge accomplishment!

Here is the real shocker: Germany gets about as much sunlight in a year as does Alaska! Here in the Northeastern United States, we have 20% to 50% more sunlight per year than Germany does. What a huge opportunity to have our own personal power plants! In addition, the jobs and the energy are homegrown!

Think about what you are doing to bring America to a higher level of Energy Independence and consider your’ own solar investment today. Just maybe, we could show Germany that we have a long term and common sense approach as well. Don’t waste another day in bondage to your utilities, contact us today for to bring yourself Energy Freedom!

Tim Beiler

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