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Does a Solar Array still produce power during a storm? What about a hurricane that lasts for several days? With the advanced technology and simple interpretation of our data monitoring system from Enphase Energy, we are able to answer these questions in a very practical and visual way. The picture you see is a graph of a 42 kW solar array that weathered Hurricane Sandy in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The graph shows that the panels did continue to produce power daily, even through the peak of the storm. Even on Monday, the most rainy and cloudy day of the storm here, the system produced about 5 kWhrs. The Sunday and Tuesday before and after the worst of the storm, respectively, the panels produced around 25 kWhrs each day. Not bad for a hurricane event to still be producing some power, huh?

To top it off, solar is a very safe energy source during storms or catastrophic events. With a Solar Array, a huge spill of solar energy is called a sunny day! To claim your fair share of this vast unused solar energy spill, contact us today and let us help you decide if this is a good investment for you!


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