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Royal Fiberglass Pools

CANTON, Pennsylvania – Albavale Farm, located at 14129 Route 14 in Canton, will host a solar open house on July 10 from 10AM – 2PM. The solar open house will feature a 36 kW (kilowatt) solar array that consists of 120 solar panels. The solar array will cover over half of the farm’s total usage of electricity and is expected to save the farm well over $150,000 over the next 30 years. Paradise Energy Solutions has hosted a previous solar open house at Mt. Glen Farm in Columbia Cross Roads, which served as a great opportunity to educate the agricultural community about the advantages of installing a solar system. Many farmers have discovered that a solar system provides a better return on investment than farm equipment and will have continual long-term benefits.   The solar open house will give attendees the opportunity to see an active solar system, learn about the incentives that are available for solar, and enjoy a free lunch.


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