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Once again, another year has “flown” by.  As I reflect on the year, I am glad that I can say I continued to learn and see opportunities for growth and improvement both personally and in the business at Paradise Energy Solutions.  And fortunately, we have been able to take action on many opportunities to grow, change and improve.  We have experienced significant growth again this year, and I am pleased to say that we have so many great team members at the company, from the ones that were here for years to the ones that started in 2015.

If you have done business with us, we hope that your experience was an excellent one, as we strive to provide a culture and environment where there is “excellence in every step” of the process!



Given that the New Year is upon us, what should we all be aware of in 2016? 


I see a year with new and exciting opportunities for our clients and for our company!  While the Federal Tax Credit for solar was scheduled to expire at the end of 2016, Congress passed a bill earlier in December that extends the 30% tax credit through 2019, with a decreasing tax credit percentage after that.  This is a huge benefit for the industry, providing predictability, and a transition plan to less incentives, both of which are important for long term sustainability.

Also, while not specifically a solar provision, 50% Bonus Depreciation was also extended for a few years.  50% Bonus Depreciation allows a business to write off over half of its investment cost in the year that qualified equipment (such as solar) is placed in service.  This allows you to save significant taxes sooner rather than later when making an investment in solar.  The exciting thing is that we know NOW that it is in place for 2016, while in recent years there was uncertainty regarding 50% Bonus Depreciation until the last few days of the year.


Why not find out how these new legislative changes will impact your business, so give us a call to learn more, and find out if solar is right for you.  With the New Year comes new opportunities.  Take your opportunity to make 2016 great for yourself and those around you!

Tim Beiler


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