About Paradise Energy Solutions Meet the Team

Brothers Photograph

Paradise Energy Solutions, headquartered in Gap, PA is a growing solar installation business operated by 4 entrepreneurial brothers. Matt, Marcus, Tim, and Jason Beiler opened Paradise Energy Solutions on January 1, 2009, and today the company has branches in 5 different states – Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Ohio,  and Massachusetts. From these locations, we are also serving people in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Gap is in Lancaster County, which is the most productive non-irrigated agricultural county in the United States, and the Beiler brothers grew up on a farm just a few miles from their corporate headquarters. Matt still lives on the farm, and the brothers’ agricultural background has given Paradise Energy Solutions a strong understanding of the needs of farmers.

Many of Paradise Energy Solutions’ installations have taken place on farms, and the company’s client list includes the winner of the Pennsylvania’s Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement Award.

“With all the grants, credits, and permits, there’s a lot of paperwork involved in a solar installation project, and I’ve never yet met a farmer who’d rather be filling out forms than working in his barn or his fields,” said CEO Tim Beiler. “That’s why we handle all the paperwork for our customers.”

Paradise Energy Solutions serves residential, agricultural, and commercial customers, and has completed over 250 solar installations, for a total of over 8 MW of installed capacity.

Paradise Energy Solutions is a solar installation company, but its real strength lies in its old-fashioned customer service.  Paradise Energy Solutions provides unparalleled skill in financial analysis of your project, and unparalleled success in securing project grants, rebates, and financing for their clients.

Sam Stoltzfus, owner of Country Lane Gazebos in New Holland, is one of those pleased customers. “They definitely did a very good job. We investigated 2 other companies, but Paradise is the only one we considered working with. They had the paperwork all filled out. They explained it all and got all the permits. I highly recommend them.”